Start Planning Now for a Beautiful New Year

smiling woman in evening dress with glass of sparkling wine over night lightsWith the holidays swiftly approaching, it may seem a little too late to address those beauty concerns that have been hanging around far too long. At Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, we know that sometimes time is of the essence. You have about a week left to pop by and see us for a quick beauty boost to see you through the rest of this year. If your schedule is too tight for pre-holiday pampering, now is a great time to start thinking about how you want to look and feel in 2022. The process of planning for a beautiful new year need not be complicated. Our medical spa offers a wide variety of services to get you well on your way.


Our skin is constantly aging and is frequently exposed to elements that can speed up that process. Our skin rejuvenating treatments can address the signs of aging and also stimulate collagen remodeling on a subtle scale to help slow down the rate at which lines, wrinkles, and laxity occur. An option that is popular among teens and adults of all ages is the chemical peel. Chemical peels gently slough off the uppermost layers of skin, where debris collects and sun damage can be seen. For more profound tissue regeneration, our patients may choose microneedling as a gentle and convenient rejuvenating treatment. This collagen-inducing treatment can reduce scarring, sun damage, fine lines, and more with zero downtime. Finally, Thermage is an excellent treatment option that specifically targets the deeper layers of the skin to improve tightness and firmness through collagen remodeling. Each of these treatments is convenient and powerful against the signs of aging.


Each new year often begins with renewed motivation for better body contours. If your goals have seemed just out of reach and you want to take a whole new approach, begin your contouring journey with us. Body contouring need not involve surgery if you prefer it not to. CoolSculpting is available at our medical spa near Cleveland. This noninvasive treatment is proven to reduce target fat cells by up to 24% after each session. CoolSculpting can help you whittle your middle, slim your thighs or backs of your arms, and even get rid of a double chin, all without downtime. For more profound body contouring, some patients consider the surgical route. The vast majority of those who do are very happy with their decision. Surgical body contouring options include everything from minimally-invasive liposuction to abdominoplasty to a thigh lift or breast enhancement, all of which Dr. Leedy performs with exquisite care.

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