Dazzylle Implant Sizer

Test Drive a New Breast Size Before Surgery!

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery then you need to take the Dazzylle implant test drive. Dazzylle is a breast implant sizing system that allows you to “test drive” your new look, all in the privacy of your own home. Dr. Leedy developed the Dazzylle implant sizing system with the intent to help better educate patients about breast augmentation. Everyone is excited when they finally decide to go forward with breast augmentation and they may make uniformed decisions about the breast implant size that is best for them. Dazzylle implant sizers will help you make a realistic choice for breast augmentation surgery. These sizers mimic the volume, weight and feel of actual breast implants. This allows for the most realistic experience of what breast augmentation surgery will do for you. After your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Leedy will provide you with a set of sizers that you can take home. You will have the opportunity to experiment with different volumes in the range that you are considering in order to find out what size is best for you. There’s no pressure to make your final implant size decision in the surgeon’s office. Being able to see and feel your new look at home before surgery helps to put you in control and allows you to communicate with Dr. Leedy the new “look” your are interested in. Dazzylle sizers make the process of breast augmentation easier and the results more satisfying.

dazzylle implant sizer model