Arm Lift

The upper arm area is one that can be significantly affected by weight gain, weight loss, and even just by the natural aging process. If you feel hesitant to wear short-sleeved tops because your upper arms could be described as “bat wings,” you might be a great candidate to consider arm lift surgery.

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What is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is the term used to describe the arm lift procedure. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, usually under general anesthesia. If your procedure is on the more conservative side, Dr. Leedy may consider using a local anesthetic and IV sedation. Your comfort and safety are our type priorities. The arm lift procedure can take between two and four hours, after which you’ll be able to go home to begin your recovery.

How Much Skin can be Removed During the Arm Lift Procedure?

Your arm lift is tailored around your needs and the amount of excess tissue you have. During your consultation, Dr. Leedy will examine the backs of your arms and pull the tissue taut to determine how much removal may be necessary. This is done by removing an ellipse of tissue between the armpit and the elbow. If you have more significant sagging due to extreme weight loss, your incisions may extend below the elbow or through the armpit to the chest area. You will know all of the details about your proposed procedure by the end of your consultation, including how much tissue the doctor expects to remove and how long your incisions will need to be to achieve the best results.

Is Liposuction a Part of the Brachioplasty Procedure?

Liposuction is not a standard part of the arm lift procedure. However, there are cases in which there is a small amount of fat also present at the backs of the arms. This tissue could be exacerbating the abnormal contour and sagging of this area of the body. If relevant to your case, Dr. Leedy may discuss the value of liposuction as an ancillary procedure performed at the same time as your arm lift.

Will I have Noticeable Scars after My Arm Lift?

Scarring is an inevitable part of having incisions made on any part of the body. Dr. Leedy uses extraordinary care and meticulous technique to place incisions in the most discreet areas. Brachioplasty incisions are usually made on the inside of the arm, where resulting scars cannot be seen when your arms are at your sides. They’ll only be visible when you raise your arms overhead. It can take up to one year for your surgical scars to fully mature. After a few months, though, the skin should begin to flatten and lighten gradually. When you visit Dr. Leedy for your surgical follow-up, you can discuss how you can promote optimal tissue remodeling to further lighten your arm lift scars.

What is the Recovery Like after Brachioplasty?

Your arm lift recovery may be influenced by numerous factors. These include your age, medical history, and even your occupation. Generally, the bulk of the heavy recovery happens in the first two weeks after the procedure. You can expect moderate pain to last for three to four days after your surgery. Prescription pain medication can significantly improve your comfort. Because your arms will be bandaged and you’ll need to protect your incisions, your range of motion will be limited for about a week.

You will not be able to lift heavy objects and should not reach overhead for any reason. For this reason, it’s ideal to have someone who can stay with you to assist with tasks as needed. Certain activity restrictions may be in place for up to six weeks after your arm lift, although you can expect to start walking for five-minute periods starting the day of surgery. Your arm mobility and comfort may improve noticeably during your second and third weeks of recovery, but it remains important not to over-reach or strain the arms in a way that can prolong your healing.

Are Arm Lift Results Permanent?

Your results from Brachioplasty surgery are permanent in that you shouldn’t experience significant tissue sagging again in the future. Your arm contours should always be better than they were before your lift. That said, your skin’s elasticity will likely change with age, which can lead to some minor sagging and wrinkling.

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