Rhinoplasty Results: How to Get the Very Best



naked beautiful young woman pointing on her noseIt is no small matter to decide to have a nose job. The effects of this one procedure impact the entire face and, as such, contribute to a person’s sense of confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. To get the best results from rhinoplasty surgery, a few things have to happen. We’ll discuss them here.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

The starting point of your rhinoplasty results is your plastic surgeon’s office. There aren’t many who haven’t seen patients who are looking to re-do the unsatisfactory results obtained through a previous surgery. What we’re saying here is to take your time choosing your plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty. This is a complex procedure that takes patience, technical skill, a priority on safety, and an artistic eye. The consultation visit is one during which the doctor and patient have a limited amount of time to gain a full understanding of one another. The doctor must understand what the patient wants to achieve and the patient must understand the doctor’s recommendations and why they are made. At the end of the consultation, the patient should have realistic expectations of what is recommended for them as well as a sense of confidence and trust in their surgeon. If this is not achieved, move on to consult with another plastic surgeon.

Plan Your Recovery

Once a plastic surgeon has been selected and surgery has been planned, the next part of achieving the best results are in the patient’s hands. Some things you can do to prepare for a successful rhinoplasty recovery include:

  • Prefill your prescriptions.
  • Start training yourself to sleep on your back.
  • Place at least two small ice packs in the freezer so they are ready when you come home from surgery.
  • Prepare at least one week’s worth of healthy meals.
  • Set aside button-up or zip-up tops to wear after surgery. This can prevent accidental bumps to the nose.
  • Arrange for someone to help with children, pets, meals, and other household duties for about a week.

Post-Op Instructions

Rhinoplasty recovery requires some basic care instructions as well as a few special instructions, like wearing a splint for a short time. Whatever your post-operative instructions, follow them strictly. This will help avoid unnecessary discomfort and risks for complications. For example, regardless of how good you feel after surgery, take the medication you are prescribed for pain. Doing so can prevent pain from developing, and the need to “chase” it.

Pacing your Recovery

As you may have guessed, one of the crucial aspects of surgical recovery is to rest. Many patients understand this but aren’t quite sure what it looks like. Initially, surgery, anesthesia, and pain medication can make you groggy and sleepy. This is actually a good thing because the fatigue can keep you from doing too much too soon. After the first week of recovery, you may be feeling well enough to start doing a little more around the house. However, it is imperative that you continue moving slowly and carefully so as not to bump your nose or increase your heart rate too much. No strenuous exercise, no playing with kids or pets. Just gentle walks for the first two weeks after surgery. While many normal activities may resume six to eight weeks after surgery, it can take a full year for tissues around the nose to fully settle into place. A little extra care should be taken until this time.

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