Post-Liposuction Exercise: Here’s What You Need to Know



istock 519676858Liposuction is a beneficial procedure that has been extremely helpful to millions of people who want to eliminate stubborn fat. This minimally-invasive body contouring technique is performed routinely around the world and for good reason, it works! The point of liposuction is to improve the physical contours of the body, not to reduce weight. Knowing this, the vast majority of patients who schedule this surgery have already established strong lifestyle habits to support their healthiest weight. On the one hand, this is necessary. On the other hand, the person who is used to working out several days a week might find their brief post-op period slightly stressful.

Resuming Exercise after Liposuction

One of the aspects of liposuction that make it so popular is that there is very little downtime needed to recover well from the procedure. Still, there is downtime. Patients can expect some bruising and swelling after liposuction. There is a risk of bleeding, though this side effect rarely occurs. Because an increase in heart rate sends more blood flowing through the surgical site, patients are advised to postpone exercise for 2 or more weeks. Where there is more intense circulation, there is a chance for bruising and swelling to worsen. Worsened bruising and swelling can extend the overall recovery time.

In most cases, patients may begin working out again 2 to 3 weeks after liposuction surgery. Before that time, they are advised to walk. Walking at a leisurely pace, going only short distances, the body receives sufficient movement to prevent blood clots from forming in the legs. As tolerated, patients may walk short distances up to a few times each day. This may increase gradually after about a week. At the two or three-week mark, when more intense exercise may resume, it must be approached with care. 

When resuming exercise after liposuction, patients should do so at 25% of their norm. If you are accustomed to running for an hour, jog for 15 minutes and then go back to a walking pace. The same applies to all forms of cardio and also to strength training. 

Liposuction is a gratifying experience that can achieve lasting results. Exercise is integral to this goal but must be resumed with care. Learn more about the liposuction procedure and what it could do for you. Call Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute at  440-461-6100 and schedule your consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.