Plastic Surgery Myths: Let’s Clear the Air


Plastic Surgery

iStock 175203396Few things feel worse than being misunderstood. On an interpersonal level, misunderstandings can break down the effectiveness of our communication and our relationships. On the grander level of plastic surgery, misunderstandings can result in a person never addressing a concern they don’t have to live with. When patients have had to re-educate themselves about a plastic surgery procedure, what we usually hear is that they wish they had done so sooner, not later. Here, we want to clear the air about some of the misunderstandings that occur around plastic surgery. Maybe some of the details we share will spark your desire to learn even more so you can boost your confidence and satisfaction with your appearance. 

Men Don’t Get Plastic Surgery

Contrary to their being plenty of evidence that men do, in fact, get plastic surgery, many men still live with this misunderstanding that only women get plastic surgery. What they may mean, more than that men don’t get plastic surgery, is that the evidence they’ve seen shows them that men don’t get good plastic surgery. We can understand this misconception. We’ve seen the pictures, too. That said, the only reason men with bad plastic surgery are so noticeable is because the men who are getting good plastic surgery just naturally look better! According to statistics, about 20,000 facelifts were performed on men last year. More than 45,000 men had blepharoplasty done to refresh the appearance of their eyes. These numbers tell us that men absolutely do have plastic surgery, and the vast majority of them are very happy they did. 

I can Have Liposuction on Those Last Stubborn Pounds

Liposuction is a fat-reduction procedure. Of course it would make sense that this surgery might also get rid of those last stubborn pounds. What needs to be understood here is that liposuction has nothing to do with pounds even though it has a lot to do with fat cells. The purpose of this procedure is to sculpt the body. It may achieve outstanding results without causing a change on the scale. So, if you have a goal weight in mind, you should reach it before having liposuction. 

The Results from Plastic Surgery are Permanent

Plastic surgery procedures are an excellent solution to various signs of aging and other cosmetic concerns. A procedure like a facelift can take 10 years off the face. The signs of aging, though, occur gradually and perpetually. A facelift doesn’t change this. What it can do, though, is help a face look younger than it would otherwise. In this way, the results of a facelift are permanent. They are not permanent in that the facelift does not stop the aging process. 

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