How to Sleep Well After a BBL: 4 Tips


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Thin young woman in underwear on beige background.You might be wondering about the recovery process and how you can ensure that you heal properly and achieve the best results from a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). 

Most patients report that they experience some degree of discomfort and pain after the surgery, but this is typically manageable with pain medication. Getting plenty of rest and sleep after your surgery is important to help your body heal. 

However, sleeping can be difficult after a BBL because of the positioning required to ensure proper healing. In this article, we will provide 4 tips on how to get the best sleep possible after your BBL surgery.

What’s a Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian butt lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that can help to improve the shape and appearance of the buttocks. The surgery involves fat grafting, which takes fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the buttocks. This can help to add volume and create a more rounded, lifted look.

Suppose you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift. In that case, it’s essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and determine if you’re a good candidate for the surgery. 

The surgeon will be able to assess your butt shape and provide you with realistic expectations for the results of the surgery.

4 Tips For Getting the Best Sleep Possible After a BBL

There are a few things you can do to help yourself get a good night’s sleep after a Brazilian butt lift:

Sleep on your back: This will help reduce the pressure on your buttocks and make it easier to get comfortable. You may want to use a pillow under your knees to support your legs.

Use a pillow: Placing a pillow under your thighs can help to support your legs and reduce the strain on your back. 

Try to sleep on your side: Sleeping on your side can be difficult after a BBL, but it can help to reduce the pain and swelling. You may need a pillow between your knees to support your legs.

Use pain medication: Taking pain medication can help you to feel more comfortable and get a better night’s sleep. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what pain medication is best for you.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for recovery after a Brazilian butt lift. Following the tips above, you can get the best sleep possible and heal quickly.

Is a Breast Lift Right for You?

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