Here’s Why the Facelift Procedure is Still Popular



istock 121356350Many people are interested in anti-aging. It isn’t that we want to stop our aging process altogether, there actually are some benefits that come with getting older! However, what many of our patients express when they visit our Cleveland plastic surgery office is that they don’t want to look older than they feel. Fortunately, there are many ways to address cosmetic aging. At first, most adults try to soften lines and lighten dark spots using creams and serums. A good skincare routine is essential, but it does not stop the tissue degradation that occurs beneath the surface. For this reason, many people eventually find themselves in the office of a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Facelift surgery can be immensely valuable. However, quite a few patients tell us that they put off scheduling a consultation for facial rejuvenation because they had a misconstrued perception of what a facelift would do. Older facelift techniques aren’t that old. They were common only a few decades ago, and involved tightening the skin and superficial layers of fat to contour the face. The result was often a windblown, obviously altered face. Today, this type of outcome is uncommon. An experienced surgeon utilizes refined surgical techniques to reposition the appropriate layers of tissue to achieve outstanding aesthetic results. 

The Facelift of Today

Scientific research has confirmed that neither beauty nor aging are skin-deep. To properly correct the signs of aging like deep creases, flattened cheeks, and jowls, a surgeon must look deeper than the dermis. Facelift surgery today achieves beautiful results because the surgeon repositions muscle, fat, and a layer of tissue called the SMAS, the superficial musculoaponeurotic system that lies beneath the skin but over the muscle. Adjustments made during the modern-day facelift bring the jawline upward and restore shape to the jawline and cheek areas with minimal skin tightening.

Great Results Come from Personal Care

Facelift surgery cannot be cookie-cutter because every face is unique. To achieve the best outcomes, the experienced surgeon observes each patient’s facial structure and anatomy with immense care. Surgery is planned around the natural curvature of the bony structures like the chin and cheekbones. In some cases, the desired outcome can be achieved with only a mini facelift. Other patients may desire more extensive results via a full facelift. Beyond that, facelift patients may also consider one or more nonsurgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, to restore even more of their youthful facial fullness. 

The best way to understand what a facelift can do for you is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. We would love to see you in our Mayfield Heights office. To schedule a visit, call 440-461-6100.