3 Things You Need for an Optimal Breast Augmentation Recovery


Breast Augmentation

iStock 944655244Breast augmentation surgery is an exciting decision. Once made, patients often go from total excitement after months of envisioning their ideal shape to pangs of anxiety about what recovery from breast augmentation will be like. This is perfectly natural and is one of the aspects of treatment that we regularly discuss. Here, we will outline just 3 things that can help make recovery from breast augmentation an easier experience. 


Patients understand that they will be prescribed at least one medication to help manage comfort after surgery. Still, you’d be surprised at how many patients, feeling “fine” after their procedure, put off starting their prescription pain medication. After surgery, the pain blocking effects of general anesthesia may take some time to wear off. This can present the illusion that pain would not become, well, painful. It can. We highly recommend taking medication starting at the designated time and, from there, at the prescribed intervals. If you have concerns about taking prescription painkillers, talk to your doctor so they can find a suitable alternative, if possible. 


Healing is a workout for the body! The energy that you would normally expend going to work doing your usual activities needs to all go toward tissue repair for a few days. At first, you may feel quite tired due to anesthesia and your pain medications. It is ideal to sleep and rest as much as your body demands. To promote optimal comfort for sleeping, you may want to have extra pillows to place around you while you rest. 


An interesting thing that many patients do is feel concerned about their recovery but then neglect to arrange adequate help for the days after surgery. We advise patients to handle this task well before surgery and also to have a backup in place in case one person who has committed to help is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances. What will you need help with after breast augmentation?

  • Someone needs to drive you to your surgery and see you home afterward due to the effects of anesthesia. 
  • Someone should stay with you for a few days. They can help cook and may remind you when it’s time to take medication. 
  • Childcare and pet care should be taken care of by someone other than you for at least a week. 
  • Someone will need to bring you to your follow-up appointment. 

Breast augmentation is an exciting journey that offers huge rewards. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jason Leedy, contact our Mayfield Heights office at 440-459-0007.